Wedding RSVP Website

I had recently completed a web development bootcamp online, so I wanted to create a web application that was guaranteed to get some use in order to test my skills. With my wedding coming up, I decided to create a website for guests to RSVP online, saving postage costs and giving me a project to work on.

The back-end code was written in Node.js, with the front-end using bootstrap for quick and easy styling. The server-side code interacted with a MySQL database using the npm mysql package.

Invitees were given a randomly-generated 5-digit alphanumeric code to be used as a password for accessing their RSVP page.

If the information entered was valid, the invitee will be taken to a page showing their name and their plus-one’s name (if applicable). The database contained a field indicating whether a plus-one was allowed for each guest, and this form field would not be rendered if a plus-one was not given to the invitee.

As admin, I could login to see all the RSVPs, sorted by RSVP date. To keep things simple, boolean responses were reported as 1 or 0, which also made it easy to paste the table into excel for further processing.

Overall, the website was a success and received over 75 RSVPs successfully. It was a cool experience to create and manage a web application that saw real practical use.

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