Data Acquisition Cart

A sister lab just began operations in pressure and temperature testing, but they were still using old-fashioned chart recorders to log their data. After I showed their lab manager what the ATO Lab was capable of, he requested a mobile digital data acquisition system for his lab. I went to work creating a user-friendly data acquisition system including easy-to-use software and simple hardware connections.

DAQ Cart Labeled Photo

The resulting system can read 8 4-20 mA sensors and 6 thermocouples. In addition to the system itself, I delivered a user guide and electrical schematics.

DAQ Cart Documentation Photo

Here is the system in use on its first test:


The system ended up being used for all their testing, and I built a second unit for them a couple of months later. Here is the feedback I received from the lab manager:

” I spoke with all the guys and they are happy with what they have now. I just need to get you some more equipment to build us at least another 2 carts. Appreciate all the help you have helped us with. Really do appreciate all the efforts.”

Features of the system:

  • Up to 10 Hz data logging from 8 4-20 mA channels and 6 Type J thermocouples
  • Sensor calibration information easily entered and resulting best-fit line is reviewed before committing  to system.
  • UPS battery backup to ensure power loss does not invalidate test data
  • System checks sensor calibration dates before acquiring data
  • Sensor data can be saved/loaded from file
  • System saves all testing parameters on shutdown and loads last parameters on startup

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