Arduino Simon – Final Version

My first ever Arduino project has been through a series of upgrades as I’ve learned new techniques for making electrical circuits. It all started out on a breadboard. I then learned how to break free from the Arduino and make an independent project. Next, I created a more¬†permanent version of my Simon game on a pre-perforated board. And now my Simon game is here in its final form, etched onto a copper board:

Simon Etched Side View

I am pretty proud of how this turned out; I think it looks a lot neater and more professional than my previous iterations of the game. I was happy to go back to my first project and give it a final touch with an etched design.

You can see me losing at the game here:

Here are some additional photos of the project:

As usual, you can get the code and schematic on my github:

Check out the evolution of the project:

Simon Breadboard

Breadboard version


Perf board version


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